You might have seen recently that the MS Society of SA&NT (MSSANT) has sought assistance from the MS Society of WA (MSWA) to help us get back on track and ensure we’re providing high quality services to people with MS.

A review of the business has resulted in the unfortunate, but unavoidable, retrenchment of a number of staff at MSSANT. The harsh reality has been that if such tough decisions hadn’t been made, MSSANT may have had to close its doors.

This review also highlighted areas in which improvements could be made in the short term to assist MSSANT financially.

We’re pretty sad to tell you, the 2014 MS Mud Run has been cancelled. BUT! We’re hopeful it will be back again, and even better in 2015. This just gives us more time to plan an awesome course and event for you guys.

In the meantime, we really need your support and help to get back on track. So why not fundraise for people living with MS anyway? You can encourage people to make donations at our website ( and then they’ll be all ready to do the same again next year if the Mud Run returns.

Thanks for your support,

The Crew

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